How Consumer Reports Rated Top Electric Cars in Reliability for 2018

Without a reputation for solid reliability, electric vehicles are a tough sell for today’s consumer. Even with federal and tax credits, the cost of an everyman model like Chevrolet Bolt EV starts at $30,000. That cost is steep for a car that fits into the compact segment.

Of course, electric cars get cheaper the more you drive them. You can forget about fill-ups at the gas station, oil changes, spark plugs, and other types of maintenance that come standard with gasoline cars. But the other stuff — from tires to HVAC systems and infotainment — remains the same when a vehicle runs on electricity.

So the 2018 Consumer Reports reliability ratings were especially important for the plug-in segment. With more affordable models than ever on the market, consumers can get a look at how the newest EVs performed. Besides, the predictions for all-new models like Tesla Model 3 should guide buyers considering that choice. Here’s a look at the electric car reliability ratings from Consumer Reports for the top ’18 models.

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