5 Tips for a Holiday Road Trip in an Electric Vehicle

Family road trips to visit the relatives or take a vacation are common during the holidays, and maybe this year you are planning to take your electric vehicle. Between the Kia Soul EV (93 miles), 2016 Nissan Leaf (107 miles), and Tesla Model S70D (240 miles), plug-in car drivers have viable options when you traveling longer distances in the colder months.

Unfortunately, highway travel and cold weather are both sources of EV battery drain, which will make a road trip tougher than it would be in a gas car. Of course, “easier” is often not the point when choosing an electric vehicle over a fuel-burning polluter. Knowing how some people refuse to compromise on green transportation, we collected some things you can do to make the trip to grandma’s or Disney World as smooth as can be.

Here are five tips for your holiday road trip in an electric vehicle.

1. Get your charge accounts in order


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