10 Chevrolet Cars That Should Become Classics in 20 Years

So what makes a legitimate kick-ass classic car? How does a particular vehicle end up on a pedestal above all others, sanctioned by a stamp of approval that basically says, “I may be old, but dammit if I’m not awesome as well”? What gets labeled as a classic car remains a highly debatable subject.

While some may label an automobile as classic based upon its age, others tend to refer to a vehicle as such due to the rarity of a certain trim line, or if it was only made available with particular package options. There’s really no clear-cut answer, and for many purists it’s a combination of all three of these things that help a machine reach the upper echelon of car stardom.

But while many automotive enthusiasts tend to glance in the rearview mirror, admiring the sanctioned classics of yesteryear, we’ve focused on the future because nothing says “brilliant” quite like being in a modern automobile that you know will one day be collectible. Ignore all of the modern mobility updates and semi-autonomous driving scenarios; those attributes do a damn good job of eliminating the connection a driver feels when they are working in harmony with an automobile.

In a future where self-driving automobiles dominate the landscape, and the manual gearbox is little more than a dated device designed for standpat petrolheads, there is one silver lining that cannot be ignored: Automotive enthusiasts will have one hell of a nice crop of aging performance cars to choose from. Here are 10 options from Chevrolet that we think will make for collectible classics in 20 years or fewer.

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