The Most Interesting Classic Cars of All Time

Despite its cutesy looks and dirt cheap price, the Beetle is truly all things to all people. On top of being a cultural icon that was built for 65 years, it’s been the basis for race cars, dune buggies, amphibious vehicles, off-roaders, and countless fiberglass kit cars. There are Beetle restorers, hot-rodders, and collectors all over the world.

Volkswagen’s headquarters, Wolfsburg, was a planned city designed solely around building the Beetle. Vocholandia (or “Beetleland”) is a rough neighborhood in Mexico City, named after its high concentration of the cars. It’s the only pop culture icon that can be associated with both the darkest forces of World War II and the ’60s hippie movement. Drivers of a certain age probably owned or learned to drive in one. Is there anything left to say about the Beetle that hasn’t been said? On top of everything else, that’s what makes the Beetle so interesting: On top of the official story, there are at least 21 million more personal ones out there.

3. DeLorean DMC-12

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