10 Popular Muscle Cars That Are Actually Terrible

But if you’re going down that route, be prepared to make some compromises because they don’t drive like modern cars. We took a look at the muscle car era and came up with 10 cars that despite their reputation were just fundamentally flawed. Some can be fixed with a little modification. Others are too valuable to fix at this point. Either way, here are 10 classics that likely will leave you wanting for more if you ever find yourself behind the wheel.

1. 1964-1973 Ford Mustang base

It’s the iconic first-generation Ford Mustang — the Carroll Shelby, Steve McQueen, Gone in 60 Seconds Mustang. Yes, the Mustang was one of the most popular cars of the ’60s and could be had with fire-breathing V8s. But the vast majority of the 2.9 million produced came with the base engine: Ford’s bulletproof old inline-six. Available as a 170 (1965 only) and later a 200-cubic-inch six-pot, the Thriftpower pumped out a wheezy 120 horsepower (the 170 made 101), making the majority of Mustangs anything but sporty. We’re all for historical preservation, but we can’t get mad whenever we see a vintage six-banger ‘Stang that had a V8 transplant.

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