7 Foreign Electric Cars That Would Sell Like Hotcakes In The U.S.

Electric cars are catching up fast, especially in the U.S. However, they have not replaced gas-powered automobiles yet. Electric cars cover merely 1% of the market. A majority of Americans are yet to embrace the idea of driving a car that needs an electric charge than the usual refueling at a gas station. With the global outcry on climatic change, energy depletion, environmental pollution, and oil crisis, there is the need for plug-in technology to be taken seriously.

The two giant producers in this field, GM and Tesla, have the mandate to step up and ensure EVs dominate the automobile world. This can be achieved by the two companies manufacturing a range of EV cars and trucks that can tap into consumer needs. This includes aesthetics, performance, maintenance, speed capacity, and above all, affordability. Just as the communications industry has made mobile telephony accessible to American and global consumers, electric cars can be accommodated easily if several consumer preferences are considered.

The following cars have the potential of selling big in America:

Volkswagen Golf GTE

Not a new model for an EV, the Ford Focus Energi has been on the mind of car enthusiasts for some time, and all for the right reasons. The car uses both gas and electric charge. The electric charge runs up to 20-25 miles before switching to gasoline diet. Unfortunately, the model never hit the American market as anticipated. However, its plug-in hybrid is a reality since it has worked for the Volkswagen’s compact model. Priced at $40,000 before incentives, the Golf GTE is ranked No. 5 in Europe this year.

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