Is Apple’s 11-Inch iPad Pro Worth It? 7 Factors to Consider

Apple has always positioned its iPad Pro line as the computing device of the future. That vision continues to take shape with the 2018 models.

Today, we’re taking a look at four reasons to take the plunge and purchase the new 11-inch iPad, plus three reasons Apple’s newest tablet might not be for you.

Reasons to Buy the 11-Inch iPad Pro

While the new iPad Pro might not be for everyone, here are some great reasons to upgrade.

1. It Brings iPhone X Technology to the iPad Line

The iPhone X brought a number of new technologies into the fold, most notably Face ID. Thanks to the next-generation biometric technology, Apple bid farewell to the home button and Touch ID. In its place, Face ID uses special technology to recognize your face and unlock a device.

Despite some initial concern, Face ID works brilliantly and is easily one of the best parts of the iPhone X line. It works as quickly as Touch ID and is even more secure. As a big plus, since there’s no need for a home button and fingerprint scanner, the screen can take up the majority of the device. That means saying goodbye to bezels (mostly).

Now all these advantages are available on the 11-inch iPad Pro. Even though the overall dimensions are similar to the 10.5-inch model, the screen is half an inch larger since Apple didn’t have to worry about the home button.

Unlike the iPhone X line, there’s no notch on the screen for the Face ID sensor. So you’ll be able to use a tablet that’s almost all screen. And another big advantage compared to the iPhone is that Face ID on the iPad will work in both portrait and landscape mode.

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