4 New Tesla Vehicles Coming in the Company’s Next Phase

1. Model Y compact SUV

A Model Y compact SUV would be based on Model 3 chassis. | Tesla

During the quarterly conference call for investors. Musk said the company’s four vehicles would follow the “S-E-X-Y” format. First would come the Model S and Model X, with the Model 3 (serving as “E”) and Y filling in the blanks. After that, the company would abandon the naming system and come up with something else. On Twitter, Musk elaborated on plans for the compact SUV dubbed Model Y by saying it would be built off a Model 3 chassis.

Therefore, customers can expect this vehicle to be smaller than Model X and slot in next on the automaker’s agenda. Bearing in mind the wild success of compact SUVs by premium brands, Musk has said demand for Model Y could come close to one million vehicles.

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